I Need You To Know...

I realize that we're just getting to know each other, but your well-being is important to me! I have formally studied and am honored to have earned the distinction of being a certified community herbalist (CCH), I am not a medical doctor; as such, I will not offer medial advice. The suggested herbal regimens and/or products I offer to my clients are meant to be a compliment & support to their lives, rather than a replacement of any kind for current medical routines.

The ingredients I use are all-natural & almost always organic; however, they have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products & services offered by me are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nor are any of my products or services meant to supersede the care, or advice of a licensed medial professional. Consult your doctor and/or conduct the proper research before using herbs or essential oils, especially with pregnant/breastfeeding women or children under 5. If you experience any adverse reactions, I encourage you to immediately stop the use of anything you believe may have contributed to that & contact me.

Please rest assured that each of my clients is important to me & I will complete an extensive intake consultation with all new clients. We will work together to ensure your safety & develop empowerment in your own health. I look forward to encouraging you on your journey!